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Solomon's Awards

Are you ready for success beyond measure?

  • Prudential International Honors Club = 10x
  • Prudential President’s Trophy = 7x
  • Prudential’s Presidential Citation = 30x
  • Million Dollar Round Table Qualifying Member = x35 years
  • Court of the Table Qualifier = 25x
  • Top of the Table Qualifier = 22x
  • National Life Diamond Award = 2x
  • Lincoln Financial Leading Agent = 1x
  • Pinnacle Life Insurance Leading Agent= 1x
  • AIG Leading Agent = 2x

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About The Hicks Global Institute

Founded in 2020 by Cynthia Hicks-Middleton, The Hicks Global Institute provides digital sales training, resources, and workshop coaching in North America and Asia. The aim of Hicks Global is to provide powerful training that connects to the mind, body, and spirit of today’s sales professional.

Created by industry legend, Solomon Hicks, The Beyond Measure Program reflects the real insights and wisdom, indeed the life’s work, of one of the most successful sales professionals in the world. The course contains modules of learning to transform any motivated sales professional into a success beyond measure.